Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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Louis Cheung Kai Chung yesterday attended an online radio recording and expressed that he has been busy planning an anti drug film. He will direct it and he said earlier he visited some young people and parents at drug treatment centers. He expressed that after visiting he realized that drug addicts can be as young as 16. Some even put their families in crises and debts. He hoped to be able to bring some real cases to the film.

Did he have any casting choice? He said, "I don't know yet. The film will be very realistic so I may not use friends in the industry. For example (Hins) Cheung King Hin is Cheung King Hin, he may not look the part. So the favors may be useless." Cheung Kai Chung expressed that currently he is considering some actors outside the industry on from the stage. Will he make it with people with drug experience? He expressed that he will be able to arrange this but no decision has been made. He said that he will not take a role as he was afraid of destroying the atmosphere. He said that although he was only responsible for 30 minutes of the film as two others will be responsible for the other parts, he could not be busier with his upcoming record release and a new film. This film will be very meaningful however. It will be a government film. After its April release, it will be on video for elementary and secondary schools.

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