Sunday, October 18, 2009


Alec Su Yau Peng, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing and Chen Kuo-Fu
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courtesy of

The Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing starred THE MESSAGE was the Pusan Film Festival closing film. THE MESSAGE team under director Chen Kuo-Fu's leadership walked the red carpet.

With THE MESSAGE as the film festival's closing film, Huang Xiaoming stated extraordinarily proud and wished that even more Chinese films can reach the world. THE MESSAGE's 2,000 seat Hong Kong premiere was rather grand. This time the Pusan Film Festival made 6,000s seats available and they were gone in eight minutes. Huang Xiaoming said that he has never watched a movie with so many people. He was particularly excited.

The film had Japanese, the promotion had Korean and Huang Xiaoming had a knack of languages. At the press conference the day before, Huang Xiaoming greeted the media with Korean that he learned on the spot. At the closing ceremony, he not only greeted the audience first with Chinese, but also translated himself in Korean and won the audience's applause; that night Huang Xiaoming used very fluent Korean to greet the audience then recommended THE MESSAGE as a excellent film that he hoped they would enjoy. He received vermicelli screams. This was Huang Xiaoming's first Korean appearance but with his personal charisma he already attracted many Korean fans. When he departed, passionate fans screamed "o ba" and seek autographs.

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