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Law Kar Ying and Wylie Chiu Shek Chi

JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun)
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Wylie Chiu Shek Chi, JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun), and Chau Pak Ho two nights ago worked on the film NGOR YIU JO LANG MO (I WANT TO BE YOUNG MODEL). When asked whether she will pose for a nude pictorial collection in competition against Kuo Shu-Yao, Chiu Shek Chi only knew that the company made a winter pictoial plan for her and her work was unrelated to Yao Yao. She said that she would mind a nude pictorial because she and her mother were more conservative. She stressed that she would not deliberately lower her bottom line.

Would she attend Yao Yao's hug session? She said, "I would go if I have time, actually I have liked her for a long time. I think she is very cute like my little sister. I can feel that with her we can work happily together. (Did you feel that she has threatened your spot?) She can't. I am child's play. I am always very satisfied and confident about my figure, I wouldn't devalue myself because other people are amazing." She also wished her a smooth development in Hong Kong. If she had the chance she would like Yao Yao to know that she admired her very much.

Chiu Shek Chi said that she and JJ would have a tight school uniform "wired" fight, but because due to her constant late night snacks she got fat and was a little worried about the costume would burst at the seams. Originally she planned to wear more underneath but she could not button her costume. Thus she could only avoid eating the night before.

JJ reportedly was upset at Chiu Shek Chi due to bad takes. Because she had to play a tragic role she had to constantly look upset, she joked that maybe at the time she was too in character. She said, "I chatted with Chiu Shek Chi when we ran into each other. We are used to such news every time. Hopefully next time will be more innovative like romantic or gay gossips." Would she choose Chiu Shek Chi or Chau Pak Ho? She would choose Chau Pak Ho because every time she saw Chiu Shek Chi she thought her chest was amazing. Her urge to look was very awkward. She said, "Chiu Shek Chi says running is a little tough, if I have that I would be willing." Has she considered having work done? She said, "I want to develop on my own, but I probably won't. I know I am greedy to want D Cup for hers. Actually many people say mine are enough." Was Chau Pak Ho willing to be linked with JJ in rumors? He said, "I never thought about that. (You don't like big chested women?) Actually that's not what I look for. Looks are more important."

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