Thursday, October 15, 2009


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After almost two weeks in release in the Mainland, many film critics pointed out THE MESSAGE's most brutal scene was when Huang Xiaoming tortured Zhou Xun. In the story a group of Japanese soldiers demanded Zhou Xun to straddle a worn rope then created friction to her lower body. Zhou Xun pointed out that during the shoot of course the torture was not real, but when she recalled the pain the spies suffered then she got the chills. Because no girl dared to think about this torture, she considered whether to scream in pain or suffer so much pain that she could not scream. The area was very sensitive and very painful when bumped into ordinarily, not to mention such a direct contact. Zhou Xun expressed that during the shoot her thigh was injured on the rope. She said that her costume was very flimsy. She could not wear too much protective clothing because it would be very fake. Thus the pain was inevitable.
On the other hand Huang Xiaoming did not have too much feeling in this scene because he was not apply the torture. He was lucky that he did not have to, otherwise his hands would be shaking and delay the shoot. She said that the most sensitive area for a girl. He was afraid of hurting Zhou Xun for real, then he would feel very guilty. Zhou Xun pointed out that the film was work of blood and heart for everyone. The torture scenes was torment for her, but they were a baptism of body and mind for her.

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