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PRINCE OF TEAR participated in the Pusan Film Festival and conducted an all day event on the 9th. In the afternoon director Yonfan brought Fan Jik Wai, Joseph Chang Hau Cheun and Oceana Zhu Xuan to the film festival and introduced their film to the audience and media there. With numerous Pusan visits before Chang Hau Chuen and Fan Jik Wai had many female Korean fans who were waiting and screaming at the stage. They even held home made banners written in Chinese as a show of support.

At night, PRINCE OF TEAR had its official premiere in Pusan. With her full schedule Terri Kwan Wing joined in. After the premiere, the director led the actors in acceptance of the audience's applause and questions. Korean viewers saw the four leads were young and modern so they were surprised about how they interpreted a story and characters of the 50s. Chang Hau Chuen said that he practiced the accordion a lot for the movie. Fan Jik Wai said that his character who could be good or bad was particularly challenging. Kwan Wing stressed that wearing the Chinese dress and grasping the repressed emotions of the era's woman was the hardest. Finally, Zhu Xuan mentioned that when she performed in this movie she was only 21. The entire Korean audience gasped in disbelief because in the film she played an over 30 year old mother. Zhu Xuan stressed that the credit belonged to the director and her co-stars who gave her a lot of help and self confidence, with which she was able to complete this character.

Kwan Wing took photos everywhere and ran in many Hong Kong and Taiwan film professionals like Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Johnnie To Kei Fung. When Kwan Wing saw To Kei Fung who she worked with in TURN LEFT, TURN RIGHT, she wanted to greet him right away. She did not expect that when Director To saw her he did not recognize her at once. He needed Kwan Wing to remind him but realizing. "At the time you were just a little woman now you are a grown beauty. No wonder I don't recognize you!"

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