Friday, October 23, 2009


Chu Yen-Ping
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The 2009 Chinese film producer forum yesterday took place. When director Chu Yen-Ping gave the opening ceremony speech he described Taiwan films of recent years a "hot pot". He expressed, although the sparks were exciting "they were only exploding inside" and awaited resources to break out.

This forum invited Chinese film industry workers from three lands on both sides of the straits to gather in Taiwan and discuss Chinese film future direction. The event will last two days. Taiwan director Lee Heng, Lee Gang, Chu Yen-Ping and Hong Kong director Ng See Yuen participated; Mainland representatives director Lu Chuan, Zhao Haicheng, and Bo Rongrong could not arrive in Taiwan in time due to documentation issues.

Chu Yen-Ping expressed, in recent years he saw many new Taiwan directors made good films and deeply felt that Taiwan film had a soft substance. Yet the problem was that the Taiwan film industry was like a hot pot, only bubbling inside. Just completing the 500 million film TREASURE HUNTER (CHI LING), Chu Yen-Ping said that a movie in Taiwan cost around NT$10 million, but the Mainland film cost 500 to 600 million yuan. Taiwan directors should set their sight on the Mainland market and find funding from multiple sources.

DRUNKEN MASTER, NEW DRAGON INN producer Ng See Yuen mentioned that Hong Kong film experience stated that now is the best chance for Taiwan and Hong Kong film to break into the Mainland market, but it is also the last chance.

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