Sunday, October 18, 2009


Zhou Xun
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Best Actress winners Zhou Xun, Jiang Wenli

The 18th Annual Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festival closed in Nanchang. On the 17th at 4:30PM, a red carpet ceremony took place. At 7PM an award and closing ceremony took place at the international convention center. This festival yielded 21 awards. The Best Supporting Actor was FOREVER ENTHRALLED (MUI LAN FONG)'s Wong Xueqi and the Best Supporting Actress was A TALE OF TWO DONKEYS's Yue Hong; Zhou Xun with THE EQUATION OF LOVE AND DEATH and Jiang Wenli with AND THE SPRING COMES won Best Actress, and Best Actor was IRON MAN's Wu Gang; Qin Yi and Yu Lan received Lifetime Achievement Awards; the Feng Xiaogang directed THE ASSEMBLY won Best Score, Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Picture to become the evening's biggest winner.

Best Supporting Actress Yue Hong broke down several times and said that this award was "the best encouragement that life can give her". Best Supporting Actor Wang Xueqi humorously expressed that after winning the award he could sleep easier. He also wished that even more colleagues can win this award. Feng Xiaogang expressed that he would like to rest for awhile in the coming days. The 18th happened to be Zhou Xun's birthday. Zhou Xun expressed that the Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Best Actress award was her best birthday present.

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