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William Chan Wai Ting in his new film SEVEN 2 ONE (GUAN YUN 7 SI) was after Stephanie Cheng Yung. Due to their height differene, Cheng Yung said that she had to wear three inch high boots to "grow taller". Yet Chan wai Ting expressed that he did not pay attention to his girlfriend's height and a good heart was the most important.

The Chan Wai Ting and Cheng Yung starred new film SEVEN 2 ONE earlier shot a street scene. Playing a mob boss, William tried his best to win over Cheng Yung.

Due to William's height and Cheng Yung's petiteness, Cheng Yung joked that every time she worked on a scene with William she had to bring her own high heels to close the gap. She joked, "He and I like to dance just as much. I don't get why he is so much taller than me, but whatever, girls can wear high heels." She also revealed that during the shoot her health succumbed to the night shoots as her forehead suffered break out.

William honestly said that in reality he did not mind his girlfriend's height. He said, "I don't mind height too much, looks aren't everything. If their hearts are in the bad place then all the looks in the world don't help."

William who worked with Cheng Yung for the first time said that at first he thought she was "too cool", but after awhile it was a different matter. He said, "In one scene I went to the movies with her. I carefully spilled a whole bag of popcorn on her. At the time I was very sorry, luckily she wasn't mad."

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