Monday, October 26, 2009


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Stephanie Sun Yanzi two days ago worked on the music video for the costume film MULAN's theme song in Beijing. This is Yanzi's first film theme song. She agreed mainly because of her previous chemistry and trust in the quality of the song creators. In addition she has known the story of Hua Mulan since childhood and admired her spirit. Thus she would like to be able to become the music industry's Hua Mulan.

MULAN's director Jingle Ma Chor Sing had nothing but praise for Yanzi's singing. He said, "Film music serves a very important purpose in film. The film visual requires music's assistance to strength its emotions. Many people may choose to go to the cinema because they like one film song. With Yanzi singing the theme song, I am very confident in the music this time. Her performance is rather perfect."

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