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The Kwok Chi Kin directed FROZEN yesterday held a production start ceremony. Two lead actresses Janice Vidal (Wai Lan) and Janice Man Wing Shan earlier were rumored to be at odds over role sizes. Yesterday they got along rather well.

In the film they play mother and daughter. Janice Man plays Wai Lan's mother. The film was a 80's story. Yesterday attending were actors Ti Lung, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and new comer Aarif Lee Chi Ting. How did the director address them? Wai Lan said that to avoid confuse the director called her Vidal but mispronounced it. Janice Man said that it was her first time playing a mother, which was a challenge for her. She said, "I have to grasp how to interpret a 80's person, but I am a complete blank in this era. I wasn't born then so I had to learn how to dress and act. I will ask Mommy and study Sister Mui (Anita Mui Yim fong)'s performance." Wai Lan awkwardly expressed, "I am much older than she is. I was born in 1982, she was born in 1989." Janice Man honestly said that she felt very stressed playing a mother, but she will definitely become a trendy mother in the future and will not mind dressing trendy like her daughter.

In addition, new comer Lee Chi Ting was asked whether he had any emotional scene with Janice Man. He only revealed that they should have an embrace. He still did not know whether they will have any kiss scene but definitely no bed scene. Will he be very passionate? He joked, "friction between coats!" Lau Ho Lung pretended to complain, "He gets to hold the girl, I only get to hold the baby." Lau Ho Lung in the film plays a private investigator who is looking for both Janice's roots. He joked that he will have a nine month old baby who he was confident that he will take care of comfortably. This year he has already made five movies, four have been scheduled for release next year. He felt that after he shaved his lucky indeed was better.

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