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Janice Vidal (Wai Lan) two nights ago attended a Metro Radio charity karaoke event. Janice revealed that she has already begun work on her film. Although she did not know Chinese and had to rely on transliteration to remember her lines, it was not too difficult. The most difficult was to express emotions in front of the cameras. She even thanked veteran Ti Lung who gave her constant reminders that benefited her a lot.

Wai Lan and Janice Man Wing Shan will team with film industry veteran Ti Lung on the Leon Lai Ming invested romance. Earlier they rehearsed with Ti Lung a father and daughter argument scene.

Wai Lan, Janice man and new comer Aarif Lee Chi Ting earlier received Best New Director Kwok Chi Kin's script and rehearsed. In the story the father tried to prevent his daughter from dating a married man. Wai Lan insisted and they got into a heated argument. With no acting experience Wai Lan sat alone before places to foster emotions and rehearse her lines. During the rehearsal, Wai Lan not only had no fear of veteran Ti Lung but also kept the waterworks flowing. Finally she was able to finish the scene in one take. The director praised, "You did pretty well!"

Janice Man due to numerous film experience was convincing as a rebellious girl. With one film under his belt, Aarif also was involved in his performance. Afterward, Ti Lung graded them. "Janice Man has a good memory but her pronunciation is somewhat unclear. She also needs improvement in her mark; Wai Lan has a lot of potential. She controls her emotional explosiveness very well, only that she has a little overseas speech manner!"

Wai Lan humble expressed, "Actually I was a little nervous, but Brother Lung is a great actor. He not only was able to bring me into character but also taught me a lot!" Wai Lan honestly said that she did not read Chinese. With the script full of transliteration she spent twice as much time as other actors. Wai Lan everyday kept reading her script, practicing her expressions in an attempt to become a professional artist; Janice Man also honestly said that she will accept criticism humbly and work hard on honing her acting.

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