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Resigning months ago as the Mandarin Film chairman, Raymond Wong Pak Man will form Tin Ma Film Companies and sign Louis Koo Tin Lok to a seven film, 60 million deal. Tin Ma's founding film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL TOO 2010 (FA TIN HEI SI 2010) will include Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) and Angelababy in its cast. Tin Ma will also purchase a film printing studio in preparation for its film industry entry.

After nearly 40 years in the film industry, Wong Pak Ming who created glorious past in Cinema City and Mandarin Film yesterday was interviewed with Baby. Wong Pak Ming said, "Tin Ma will for 60 million sign Koo Tin Lok to make seven movies. Back then at Mandarin Film I with 30 million signed (Donnie) Yen Chi Tan to make three movies, the result of which everyone can see. (Are you making Goo Jai a film contract king?) He himself is already red hot, both comedy and drama are at his grasp. At this price he absolutely is a value. Goo Jai will participate in Tin Ma's founding film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL TOO 2010. The film will be with ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2009's team plus Hung Doi Lam and Baby. It will be released during the Lunar New Year next year in China and Malaysia."

Since Mandarin Film development is heating up, why would Wong Pak Ming start another company? He said, "Actually I still am Mandarin Film stockholder, I only left the board. In the future when they will start production I will gladly help. I started Tin Ma film for my son Wong Chi Wun. Initially I will open the door for him. I hope that he will be better than me. (How is the movie between Tony Jaa and Yen Chi Tan going?) We have made initial contact with Tony. He is interested but needs further negotiation."

Wong Pak Ming also praised that Baby had a lot of superstar potential. He said, "Baby's image is healthy, very suitable for comedy. In addition she is very lively on and off screen. Since her arrival she has been popular. She absolutely is the superstar of tomorrow. In ALL'S she will play my daughter. I believe she and the entire team of veterans will be able to handle it."

Baby after hearing Wong Pak Ming's praise said, "Thank you, I will keep working hard. I look forward very much to work with (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu and them. I normally am funny, I am confident that I can what the character requires. (Do you plan to develop in the film industry like rumored boyfriend William Chan Wai Ting?) We are different individuals, we develop on our own!" Baby's manager Kim expressed that she has a Japanese film company film offer as well.

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