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Fan Bingbing gets a "head blessing" from big incense

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung denies his wife's pregnancy rumors

Albert Yeung Sau Sing greets the abbot

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NEW SHAOLIN TEMPLE yesterday held its production start ceremony in Shaolin Temple. When actors Andy Lau Tak Wa, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Jason Wu Jing and Jackie Chan and the crew headed toward the temple, 60 tour buses led them with 15,000 disciples welcoming them with cheers. 15,000 martial art monks maintained order because of the number of visitors.

On the morning of October 23, the over 100 million yuan film NEW SHAOLIN TEMPLE held a grand production ceremony in front of the Shaolin Temple gates. China Film Group chief Han Sanping and Shaolin Temple elder monk began the ceremony.

Stars Jackie Chan, Lau Tak Wa, Fan Bingbing, Tse Ting Fung, Yu Shaoqun appeared and attracted media outlets from all over. Shaolin Temple monks and locals fought for a glimpse and the scene was almost out of control. Some reporters argued with the organizers over the delay.

After Jackie Chan, Lau Tak Wa, Fan Bingbing, Tse Ting Fung presented incense in Shaolin Temple and appeared at the press conference, the scene almost turned into a riot as reporters and viewers all rushed forward to be closer to the stars. For safety, after a short appearance they immediately departed. The organizers began clearing the venue and moved the crowd backward in a rough manner. Reporters and others were forced back to the chairs of the host. The security and the crew still strongly pushed to where there was no more room in the back. A television reporter in order to protect the camera used his body against the security.

After two cleaning of the press conference area, finally the young martial art monks connected arms to form two human walls to force the crowd outside the venue. Then the actors appeared again and the delayed ceremony finally started. Outsiders could not see the location. Some even stepped on chairs for a glimpse of the stars.

At the host's arrangement, the key actors spoke. Jackie Chan was the most popular. When he spoke, viewers cheered his name. Jackie Chan asked photographers not to fight and keep each other in mind.
NEW SHAOLIN TEMPLE will be a joint investment of China Film Group, Huayi Brothers Film Group, Hong Kong Emperor Motion Picture and Hunan Television. Its director will be Benny Chan Muk Sing, its writer Yuen Kam Lun, and action director Corey Yuen Kwai. All are well known in the film industry.

After the artists arrived, Shaolin Temple abbot took them on a tour. On his first visit, Wa Jai saw the children performed and felt that it was very emotional. Earlier he met with the abbot and felt that he was very peaceful and friendly. In the film Wa Jai will play a warlord. The script requires him, Jackie Chan and Ting Fung to shave their heads. They originally did not mind, but due to other films now they are still considering. Wa Jai said that he has not worked with Big Brother Jackie Chan for over 20 years. Earlier they worked together on TWINKLE TWINKLE LUCKY STARS (HA YUT FOOK SING) and ISLAND OF FIRE (FOR SIU DOH). How did he feel about his return to work? He expressed that he was working before so he was fine.

Earlier Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi was rumored to be pregnant. Ting Fung said, "No, if we are (expectant) I will tell everyone." He expressed that he took this film because he wanted to work with Lau Tak Wa. He said Wa Jai worked on a music video with him when he was 19. This time he was like a little fan who got his wish to work with his idol. Ting Fung yesterday praised Shaolin Temple as very quite and very comfortable. Earlier he met with the abbot, who knew that Ting Fung had to train for the film and offered for him to study in Shaolin for half a year to a year. Ting Fung honestly said that he was very happy about the abbot's offer but he did not have the time to train all the time. He still was very happy that the abbot thought he had the potential. Emperor reportedly got Wa Jai and Jackie Chan to team with Ting Fung in order to attract Ting Fung to a contract extension. Ting Fung said that was unrelated as he had many films to make.

Jackie Chan expressed that he originally turned down this film but later learned that Wa Jai took the role, so he took it. He expressed that he wanted to work with Wa Jai again. Jackie Chan said recently he has been working with CHINESE ZODIAC and had to go to France and many European places to scout locations. This film will star new comers as well as Louis Koo Tin Lok. However, Big Brother did not save a spot for his son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming). As for JC Group downsizing rumors, Jackie Chan denied them and expressed that it was restructuring. Jackie Chan also denied that his wife Lam Fung Giu will be in charge. He said that it will be working with a big company so both Beijing and Hong Kong had to restructuring the business. Will Cho Ming help? He said, "He will be CEO junior."

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