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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu

Lynn Xiong

Lam Tsz Chung, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei

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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Angelababy, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Lam Tsz Chung, and Mainland actor Pan Yueming yesterday in Hengdian attended the ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL TOO 2010 (FA TIN HEI SI 2010) production start ceremony. Other attendees included executive producer Zhang Zhan, director Herman Yau Lai To and screen writer Wong Chi Wun (Wong Pak Ming's son). Many Mainland and Hong Kong media covered the event. With the tourists the venue was very crowded.

Kwan Yu rushed from her MEI LAI MUK LING shoot in Guangzhou to Hengdian, rested a few hours then immediately began to work. She honestly said that she has not been lacking sleep in a long time. Producer and actor Wong Pak Ming was not worried that Kwan Yu's workload would affect her performance because she was a professional actor. He even joked that she already returned to "Nine Production Ng". As for salary, Kwan Yu said that she got a raise but it was discounted. Kwan Yu has worked with Wong Pak Ming many times but they never had any intimate scene. This time she had to force a kiss on Wong Pak Ming, which came Wong Chi Wun's hands. He joked, "Giving the Old Man a little benefit, Ma won't be mad!"

Cheng Chung Kei in the film will play a general who ends up with the Fa Tin princess Angelababy. Two days ago they shot a Chinese opera performance scene. Did they have any intimate scene? He said, "Chubby Chung messed it up every time!" Working in Hengdian for the first time, he said that the film will shoot until mid November but he will return to Hong Kong on his free time. baby was also working in Hengdian for the first time, and she was very happy about working with company colleague Lynn. Sometimes when they read the script they could not help but laugh. baby also said that earlier due to lack of sleep while working in Japan her skin acted up. Since she did not have much entertainment in Hengdian she went to bed early to nurture the skin. Although this time she played a princess, she had to cross dress, play rough and wear a beard. She joked that with a beard she saw her little brothers in ten years. She also looked forward very much to working with Kwan Yu because every one of her previous work was memorable to her. Did she dare to be like Kwan Yu and pick her nose? She laughed, "Yes, (pick and eat?) No." Although she could try anything in acting, she worried about upsetting fans if she was too daring. She also brought several cases of junk food, which she joked that she could sell to other actors. Did rumored boyfriend William Chan Wai Ting visit? She said, "He won't! He has so much work to do."

Lynn played Louis Koo Tin Lok's little sister who was mistaken to be the princess. Did she need to perform comedy? She said, "I am OK with comedy privately. (Are you worried that Hengdian is boring?) I have been here two days so I don't know if it's boring or not, but I brought a computer. (Will you msn with Aaron Kwok Fu Sing?) I will with many friends."

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