Saturday, October 24, 2009


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An UNICEF Halloween event yesterday took place in Tsim Sha Tsui. Janice Man Wai Shan and Janice Vidal (Wai Lan) were judges. Although they were fighting to be their new film's lead and in turn delayed the film, yesterday they chatted and laughed as they denied the rumor. The new film will start production in days.

Janice Man believed the report was a misunderstanding and the film will start production in days. She also praised Wai Lan's hard work in translating the script. Did they argue? Janice Man did not understand where such news appeared. Were they at odds? Wai Lan expressed that they were not and they worked together pleasantly. They even said that both were seriously preparing for the film. As for their roles, they expressed that they would not mind the size. Wai Lan pointed out that they would know then while Janice Man pointed out that they were similar in size. Did she ask the company for more? They both laughed, "We get to choose?"

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