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Joe Odagiri, Tian Zhuangzhuang
Charlie Yeung Choi Nei
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The Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2009 two nights ago opened at Central. The opening films THE WARRIOR AND THE WOLF star Joe Odagiri, director Tian Zhuangzhuang and THIRST director Park Chan-Woon attended. The event ambassador Charlie Yeung Choi Nei attended as well. Yeung Choi Nei earlier directed a trailer that was shown at the opening film premiere. The festival will take place over 15 days and end on the 30th.

Yeung Choi Nei for her two new movies, 37 with Liu Xiaoqing and a foreign police action film, cut the long hair that she has kept for 20 years. Yeung Choi Nei said, "After the hair cut I thought it was a lot of fun, but sometimes when I try to run my fingers through my hair I remember that it's already cut." Yeung Choi Nei expressed that she did not receive any special salary. "Instead I have to thank the films for giving me the chance to cut my hair short." Yeung Choi Nei said that when she cut her hair, her co-workers and friends treated it like a big life event and prepared cameras to record the process. Was she worried that her fans would not like her look? She said, "I believe fans definitely will support me. These two movies can be my memento. These two characters are huge challenges." For her festival trailer, she approached a group of children to play a production team. She said, "The children represent that we act because of our dreams."

Reportedly her friend Angelica Lee Sinjie was pregnant and planned to wed, Yeung Choi Nei said, "I know what everyone want to ask me. Sinjie isn't pregnant. She is very thin right now and just went to India for a journey experience. She used a very cheap way, driving to find children to play with and help people in need. I feel that she wouldn't do on this journey if she was pregnant. Although I didn't ask her, I still should know." Choi Nei expressed that Sinjie was a very good friend and if she was to married she should notify her.

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