Tuesday, October 6, 2009


courtesy of takungpao.com

Paul Wong Koon Chung has always done things his own way. Since guest starring in the 2006 film THE HEAVENLY KINGS (SEI DAI TIN WONG) he never participated in any on screen film performance. This time in REBELLION (TUNG MOON) Paul had a breakthrough performance as the mob boss Coffee. Coffee is a Casanova who has different female companions every time. He also had a car rocking scene that was daring and left something to the audience's imagination.

After years away from film Paul returned as a philandering man, but he was not worried that girlfriend Athena Chu Yun would complain. "In the film I had some romantic scenes every time I appear, but they were just position shots. My girlfriend wouldn't complain. Actually I have known the director Herman (Yau Lai To) for years and worked with him many times. He was very clear about what he wanted, in addition he was able to discover a new side of an actor. Thus in the film my performance had even more potential."

Paul's performance had many foul language lines. He stated that he was not worried of his reputation. "I wasn't the only one who used foul language. (Shawn) Yue Man Lok, (Chapman) To Man Jat, Chan Chi Chung and even (Ada) Choi Siu Fun did too. We were all professional actors, we only used foul language per the story's requirement."

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