Thursday, October 15, 2009


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THE WARRIOR AND THE WOLF director Tian Zhuangzhuang yesterday with the film's Japanese actor Joe Odagiri attended a film forum at the Hong Kong Performing Art Academy and spoke with the school's film and television academy students. Over 100 students shared their production experience. More people attended than expected and the response was passionate.
Making the trip from Japan to promote the film, Joe Odagiri was asked why did he choose to work with a director of a different language? He honestly said that if he remained in Japan, the environment and communication method that he faced would become simple; but if he had a language barrier with the people he worked with, he instead had new discovery and experience. WARRIOR was a Chinese story written by a Japanese writer. He frankly said that he was not clear about that era's history, but he believed that ancient and modern people did not have much difference. Thus the performance did not feel too difficult. As for the scene in which he set himself on fire, he praised the director for making it look very realistic. Did he use a double? He did not directly respond.

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