Monday, October 19, 2009


Paco Wong
Thomas Wu
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Text: Geung Sau Man
Photos: Mok Hing Fai

Earlier Gold Typhoon due to singer contract issues with Leo Ku Kui Ke, Theresa Fu Wing and others stirred up a storm in town. Reportedly everything was due to Gold Label manager Paco Wong's assignment from Hong Kong regional chair to be in charge of the film business, thus a company earthquake ensued. Yet, Paco ignored outside gossips and recently has been focused on film promotional work. He even accepted an interview for the film PAN ZUOLIANG.

Early this year, Paco enjoyed in the Mainland the patriotic film PAN ZUOLIANG, which was made in honor of China's 60th anniversary. The story deeply touched him. At a Mainland friend's invitation, he agreed to try to bring this meaningful film to Hong Kong so people of Hong Kong would have the opportunity to enjoy it. "The film is about Pan Zuoliang's real life story. He was a Bureau of Letters and Calls basic officer who always served the people wholeheartedly until he died of exhaustion. At his funeral over 100,000 people bid him farewell. This type of selfish service spirit touched me very much. Hong Kong people have always been considered commerce first. I would very much like to bring this type of spirit to the people of Hong Kong."

Thomas Wu Volunteers Help For The Premiere

However, he expressed that he has always participated in commercial film production and promotion and dared not randomly release this patriotic film in Hong Kong. Thus he thought of working with Hopewell heir Thomas Wu and asked him to loan his Kowloon Bay Star Hall for the charity premiere. Finally he was just as touched after watching the film and immediately agreed to loan the venue as well as sponsor the Mainland actors' Hong Kong premiere attendance costs. Paco's confidence in the film was drastically increased. He hoped that next Tuesday's premiere will get everyone's attention and in the future bring an opportunity of a theatrical release, DVD release or like in the Mainland inviting schools to attend.

In the past he always focused on the box office, but Paco honestly said that he had a different attitude with this promotion. "I know this movie has no actor that Hong Kong is familiar with and cannot possibly create a star effect. Thus I don't have much stress. I only feel that if one more person saw this movie and understand this type of selfless spirit, then I already consider it a success!"

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