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With six major Golden Horse nominations, the spy film THE MESSAGE will soon open in Taiwan. Actors Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Zhang Hanyu, Alec Su Yau Peng, director Chen Kuo-Fu, and Huayi chief Wang Zhonglei arrived to promote the film. The only absence was the newly crowned Golden Rooster Best Actress Zhou Xun. Huang Xiaoming at the premiere said that Taiwan has been lucky for him and hoped that THE MESSAGE will be a hit there as well.

THE MESSAGE last night held its gala premiere in Taipei. Aside from THE MESSAGE's cast and crew, director Leon Dai Lap Yun, artists Ady Ann Yi Hin, Sandrine Pinna (Cheung Yung Yung), Dylan Kuo (Kwok Bun Chiu), Jack Kao, Pace Wu (Ng Pui Chi), Kimi (Ha Yu Giu), Singer Wu Bai, Models Lin Ruru, Hua Hua, and others. Famous director Hou Hsiao-Hsien and writer Chang Da Chun also arrived in the last moment and directly went to the screening. The event could be called Taiwan's grandest premiere this year.

Since opening the Taiwan market seven years ago with DA HAN TIAN ZI, every one of Huang Xiaoming's film and television product has been imported in Taiwan. In Taiwan his popularity made him one of the most influential Mainland actors there. At the premiere, he expressed with excitement, "I have been to Taiwan too many times. To me, now it's not coming to Taiwan but should be returning to Taiwan." Vermicelli screamed in the audience before he finished as they chanted, "Settle here! Settle here!"

Huang Xiaoming due to his successful portrayal of the Japanese military office Takeda was praised as an idol of substance. When host Mickey Huang (Wong Chi Gau) asked Xiaoming whether he was afraid that the audience would hate him for his character, Xiaoming smartly answered, "When they hate you to the bone, actually they love you to the bone at the same time. So if the audience after seeing THE MESSAGE despises Takeda, that means I played this character successfully."

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