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The Joe Odagiri and Maggie Q starred fantasy romance THE WARRIOR AND THE WOLF will open Thursday in Hong Kong. Most of the attention has been on Joe Odagiri and Maggie Q's numerous love scenes. Joe Odagiri joked that he did not even have time to be shy!

In the story Joe Odagiri runs into Maggie Q, a woman of a mysterious tribe. The legend claims that when someone in the tribe mates with an outsider seven times, they become a wolf. Thus they have to perform many passion scenes. They have to keep the different level of emotional expression in mind so the scenes are rather difficult. Maggie Q makes an artistic sacrifice with a nude performance. She said, "Although I wasn't too familiar with Joe Odagiri, we were both professional actors and the director was very attentive. He cleared the set before shooting so I would absolutely be at ease and very quickly completed these scenes!"

Joe Odagiri also felt lucky to have Maggie Q as a co-star. He said that the production schedule was tight and he did not have too much time to be shy.

Director Tian Zhuangzhuang expressed that these passion scenes were necessary. They were changes in the couple's relationship in the film and important plot in an individual's view on life. Luckily both actors were very professional and were able to perfectly express the passion of two lonely people who were like the walking dead! Joe Odagiri has plans to direct. If he was the director and Tian Zhuangzhuang was the actor, did he feelt Director Tian would be able to play these seven passion scenes? Joe Odagiri joked, "Director Tian is a very talented person, he may perform better than me."

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