Saturday, October 17, 2009


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POKER KING will be released at the end of the month and received the full support of many large Macau casinos. The film shot on location in Galaxy StarWorld, City of Dreams and the Grand Waldo from the gambling hall, gambling area to the entire casino and captured the elegance and solid feel.

In one gambling scene, casino tycoon Louis Koo Tin Lok and lucky girl Stephy Tang Lai Yun went to gamble. At the same table were provocatively dressed young models like Lavina. They did everything they could to distract Goo Jai and catch him off guard. Luckily with lucky girl

Stephy's reminder, Goo Jai "returned the favor" and imitated the young models for a big victory. Goo Jai has always been known to have a knack for comedy, but this time his young model imitation was very convincing. He had many in the crew rolling on the floor laughing and won everyone's uniform praise.

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