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The New Year film BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING) will be released on December 28. This film features many Best Actors, one of whom is Leon Lai Ming who plays a beggar. His costume is very dirty and can be considered one of the "dirtiest" in recent Chinese film history. After make up, Lai Ming was unrecognizable even to the crew. As soon as the make up was applied Lai Ming was in character as he automatically lay on the ground to become a "beggar".

However, in the latest production footage, Lai Ming turns from a beggar back to a rich kid -- day and night from his previous beggar look. Peter Chan Ho Sun even says that he is "just like a gentleman, well mannered to the extreme." Actually Lai Ming in the film originally is a rich kid. Because he and his father both fall for Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun), he is depressed all the time, loses everything and becomes a beggar. On the eve of the battle, due to a promise, he bathes and changes to return to his rich kid form.

Chan Ho Sun pays a lot of attention to Lai Ming's rich kid look as he is present during the entire costume fitting. He wants to see how the beggar turns into a rich kid. Chan Ho Sun points out that although this story takes place in the end of the Qin Dynasty and early Republic era, Leon's costume is well ahead of its time. Later Chan Ho Sun even removes his own glasses and asks Lai Ming to put them on. He says that he definitely looks like John Lennon. Lai Ming immediately puts them on and even sits in a mediation pose to make the entire set laugh. Lai Ming in the film guards the most important defense in the 24 hour assassination -- Mother Sun's stairs. He singlehandedly takes on 100 killers in a eight minute long scene. Director Teddy Chan Tak Sum in the end is reluctant to edit any of it and decides to keep it untouched in the film. Aside from Lai Ming's hair that reaches his waist, others like Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Wang Xueqi are all "bald".

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