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Karena Lam Ka Yun and Yonfan
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Terri Kwan Wing and Oceana Zhu Xuan
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The Yonfan directed film PRINCE OF TEARS two nights ago held its premiere in causeway Bay. Actors Joseph Chang Hau Chuen, Fan Jik Wai, Terri Kwan Wing and Oceana Zhu Xuan attended. Karena Lam Ka Yun, George Lam Chi Cheung, at17, Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tsang Kong and Cheng Pei Pei came in support.

Kwan Wing said that today she leaves Hong Kong with her mother because she had to continue the promotion and work on an idol series in Taiwan. Kwan Wing in the film had a kiss scene with Zhu Xuan. The first scene was the kiss, which was somewhat awkward. In addition she took the initiative and felt like invading her co-star. She joked, "My first on screen kiss with a girl went to Zhu Xuan. During the shoot I was nervous, then I forgot about it. I only remember at the time I kept apologizing because I wasn't familiar with Zhu Xuan. In addition kissing a girl felt a little strange."

Lam Ka Yun expressed when her earlier film FLOATING LANDSCAPE (LUEN JI FUNG GAING) participated in the Venice Film Festival she met Yonfan. Will she work with him? She expressed no. Yonfan's female leads were all very sexy. She said, "If I have to be sexy I can be, I won't resist it. Directors and actors have to have mutual trust." Earlier Lam Ka Yun reportedly will leave Filmko at the end of her contract. she said, "How can you believe the tabloids! A company has to sign new comers but I can't reveal when my contract will end." Will she renew her contract? She joked that would depend on the boss' sincerity. What condition she will have? Ka Yun said, "None, fairness is the most important to an artist, as well as good films and roles for me." In addition, Ka Yun was rumored to form her own company. She said that she has never learned to fill out forms and got dizzy just looking at them. In addition she has been with the company for eight years. She will negotiate with the company again. She honestly said that many companies have contacted her but she still will talk with Filmko first. She also stressed that she never contacted Gold Typhoon.

Ng Yin Cho expressed that Yonfan was one of his benefactors. When he started he made BISHONEN, which Yonfan directed. He said that he had no acting ability when he started. Back then everyday he would approach the director to study and talk about the film because his old residence was very close to the director's office. The director taught him everyday. Without him he would not be where he is today. In addition at the time he was very poor and did not have money to eat, the director would ask his maid to cook something for him.

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