Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Joe Odagiri and Maggie Q starred in THE WARRIOR ABD THE WOLF, in which Joe Odagiri in one scene in order to protect his flock led the wolves away by setting himself on fire. He even offered to perform the scene himself.

Because he had to set himself on fire, the team already prepared a double to perform. Yet on the set Joe Odagiri offered to personally perform. He felt that this scene was the first turning point of the entire story and hoped to be able to personally perform it. Yet burning himself was truly too dangerous. Originally the double had to apply multiple layers of fire retardant and fire proof suit for the shoot. At everyone's numerous urging, Joe Odagiri understood everyone's concern for his safety and agreed for the double to shoot some of the scene. When his double shot the fire scene, Joe Odagiri was very worried and kept an eye on the doubt. After the shoot he immediately checked the double for injury and breathed a sigh of relief when the double did not have a single scratch.

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