Monday, October 19, 2009


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The 27th Annual China Film Golden Rooster award took place two nights ago in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Feng Xiaogang waited for 15 years and finally won the Best Director honor with THE ASSEMBLY, which also won Best Picture, Best Cinematography and Best Score. Feng Xiaogang in the past was not nominated due to his commercial work. He said on stage, "When you don't get it you don't get it, when you do you get three: Hundred Flower, Huabiao, Golden Rooster." He was very pleased as his wife Xu Fan even excitedly embraced him.

Zhou Xun and Jiang Wenli both won Best Actress. Yesterday was Zhou Xun's 35th birthday so it was the best birthday present. When the event announced Jiang Wenli, she applauded with a smile in the audience and did not expect her announcement. She was stunned. Jiang Wenli just won the Audience Award at the Pusan Film Festival. She did not mind sharing the prize with Zhou Xun and it was not her first shared prize. It was the jury's choice. She also praised Zhou Xun's outstanding performance in THE EQUATION OF LOVE AND DEATH. She saw some of the film and Zhou Xun played very well.

Zhou Xun's company Huayi held a celebration for her. Boss Wang Zhonglei was personally on hand. Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan and Zhang Hanyu came to congratulate her. After midnight, firework went off outside the venue as everyone said a birthday song for Zhou Xun to celebrate her birthday! Zhou Xun expressed, "I thank the Golden Rooster award jury for giving me such a grand gift to me. After 18 years of acting, I won the Golden Rooster with my first nomination. I am very lucky. Tomorrow will be my 35th birthday. This to me is a very special gift. Thank you Golden Rooster."

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