Wednesday, October 21, 2009


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The Jiang Wen directed and starred Emperor Motion Pictures film LET THE BULLETS FLY has landed Chow Yun Fat and Ge You as well as a budget of HK$150 million. The producer yesterday confirmed, "Chow Yun Fat has officially been signed to Jiang Wen's new film and form with Jiang Wen and Ge You a triple threat top male star cast that is unprecedented in Chinese film history." As for Fat Gor's role in the film, in this Western legend Fat Gor will be the mob boss during the Kuomintang era. The film will be released in Fall 2010.

Reportedly, Jiang Wen and Fat Gor communicated the most about the script. "The director is very demanding of the script. In half a year it already had nine screenwriters for repeated drafts, only earlier was the final draft completed. Fat Gor's role could be said almost tailored for me. The film's ending had no less than ten variations, the current one came from the director and Fat Gor while chatting at the drinking table." Fat Gor, Jiang Wen and Ge You have never worked together before. The producer said that this type of collaboration will definitely stimulate their acting. He said, "Jiang Wen is the most dominant actor in Mainland film. In all of the Chinese film industry, only Fat Gor can rival him. Ge You is Mainland's most deserved king of comedy. Fat Gor once created many classic comedy characters. He and Stephen Chow Sing Chi are two symbolic faces of Hong Kong film comedy."

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