Wednesday, December 2, 2009


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The epic film CONFUCIUS yesterday held an official site launch in Beijing. Attendees included director Hu Mei, writer Chen Han, cinematographer Peter Pau Tak Fun, and lead Ren Quan. At the event, the film even announced the 6 minute long first episode of the production special, FROM CHOW YUN FAT TO CONFUCIUS.

In the special Confucius' "martial art" scenes were only a few seconds long. Confucius used the staff in his hand to knock the short sword out of the barbarian's hand, then put the staff to the barbarian chief's throat. For a few moments, people seemed to have watch his CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON character. In the special two more memorable parts were Chow Yun Fat in order to display Confucius' "six arts" practiced Gu Qin and finally played an ancient song personally. Also, in the three chilling winter months in Beijing Chow Yun Fat did not use a double as he fell into the muddy water time after time.

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