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The Jackie Chan, Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won) and Korean hunk Yoo Seung-Jun starred Lunar New Year film LITTLE BIG SOLDIER will be released in February. The film is mainly anti-war but still maintains Jackie Chan film's usual comedy action elements. Wang Leehom said that he liked Jackie Chan's movies very much. After reading the screenplay he decided to accept it and worked in Nanning for nearly half a year.

Jackie Chan's wife Joan Lin (Lam Fung Giu) brought Wang Leehom and Jackie Chan together for their first collaboration. Jackie Chan originally was interested in Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) for the general role, but Lam Fung Giu felt that Chow Kit Lun and Jackie Chan had similar looks in their eyes. Both are tough so their different personalities on the battlefield would be truly hard to express. She then suggested Wang Leehom to Jackie Chan for a clear contrast. Although Wang Leehom knew about the numerous action scenes in the film and that the production would definitely be tough, he truly liked this story very much and did not mind the abuse.

Jackie Chan did not show Wang Leehom any mercy. Wang Leehom was Jackie Chan's hostage in the film and had dirt all over his face. Either his hair was all over the place or he had blood stains on his face. He felt that this character was very challenging and could truly challenge his acting. he also benefited a lot from working with Big Brother because he was not only an actor. He was very familiar with the entire film operation, which was more beneficial to the cast. He also did not feel that Big Brother gave him a hard time. Instead he stuffed experience into his pocket, for which he truly was very appreciative.

During the shoot Leehom did not forget about his music creation. While shooting in Nanning when everyone returned to the hotel he was creating in his room. Big Brother would patrol every night to see if his Seven Little Fortunes were slacking. Every time he passed Leehom's room he heard music from it. Actually Leehom brought his guitar to the location and during breaks he took the time to write songs and lyrics, which Big Brother admired a lot.

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