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Leon Lai Ming
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Peter Chan Ho Sun

Leon Lai
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Leon Lai, Peter Chan, Eric Tsang
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ESQUIRE magazine two nights ago held an award ceremony at Admiralty to present awards to seven "Esquire of the Year" like Leon Lai Ming, Peter Chan Ho Sun, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Tan Dun and Yohji Yamamoto. The event also had an "Esquire elite exhibit", with Lai Ming, Tsang Chi Wai and Chan Ho Sun's film and achievement awards on display.

Chan Ho Sun and Lai Ming expressed that they were very happy to receive the award with friends. This was already the highest honor. They said that they will work hard to make good movies. The Chan Ho Sun produced BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING) will soon open. Speaking of the many major Christmas releases, Chan Ho Sun said, "I am very confident. When I made the movie I didn't know what movies will be released. With or without competition it is the same."

Would Chan Ho Sun like BODYGUARDS to participate in film festivals? He said probably not because most December releases cannot make film festivals. Did he feel it was less than perfect? He said, "No." Chan Ho Sun earlier was rumored to have blood vessel burst in Singapore. Two nights ago he denied that he was ill and expressed that he was in good health. However the news scared the wits out of his wife Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. How did Chan Ho Sun celebrate his birthday earlier? He said that he never celebrated birthdays. Kwan Yu only gave a cake and she did not pay much attention. Was the cake a surprise? He said no because he was still at work. He said, "I feel someone's birthday isn't worth celebrating much, it's very immature. I don't have this habit. Without celebrating I can save a lot of time in a year." Did he celebrate with his daughter? He said now he would but when she turns 12 he will not. Would Kwan Yu be angry about not celebrating birthdays? He said, "She knows how to celebrate herself."

Lai Ming only said the word happy when asked about winning the award. Will he work with Chan Ho Sun again? He did not directly answer. "Everyone may care a lot. Everyone has looked forward to this movie for a long time, it is a good movie." Lai Ming said, "People have to look ahead. This is an encouragement. I should work hard to do even better. Creativity may be boundless, but I have also have to be able to withstand criticism. When criticized I have to examine and do better next time. I can't be afraid of criticism. I should pay more attention to everything around me, to grasp the chance when I have it."

Tsang Chi Wai recently has been directing the film 72 TENANTS OF PROSPERITY (72 GA JO HAT). Reportedly due to Linda Chung Ka Yun's poor acting he was very upset. Chi Wai two nights ago expressed that no such thing happened. Instead he felt Chung Ka Yun was very hard working. He said, "At first I was afraid that her fighting would be poor, but she trains everyday with the stunt coordinator and looks very convincing. I am very surprised." Chi Wai also praised Ka Yung's action star potential and said that after working together this time he realized that she was a naive girl without any intention. Was this his most difficult film yet? He said, "I think it is the most difficult. I have to think about directing again. I realize after being an actor for over a decade how comfortable it is."

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