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Lai Yiu Cheung

Sheren Tang Shui Man

Lee Tim Sing

Charmaine Sheh Si Man

Sonija Kwok Sin Nei

Koni Lui Wai Yi

Law Kar Ying joked about his wife, Liza Wang Ming Chuen

TVB remembers Chan Hung Lit

Richard Ng Yiu Hong presented Best Program Host and slammed all the nominees

Wong Cho Nam, Chin Kar Lok, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Yuen Siu Cheung won Best Program Hosts

Han Ma Lei, Lee Kwok Lun, Wai Ying Hung

Nick Cheung Ka Fai was a little nervous when presenting Best Actress.

Wyman Wong Wai Man was Sheren Tang's image consultant
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Linda Chung Ka Yun

Lai Yiu Cheung, Sheren Tang
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Charmaine Sheh

Sonija Kwok,

Roger Kwok Chun On, Liza Wang Ming Chuen

Tse Suet Sum

Koni Lui, Joe Ma Tak Chung

Linda Chung

Sheren Tang

Myolie Wu Hung Yi

Michelle Yim (Mai Suet)

Tavia Yeung Yi

Andy On Chi Kit and Tse Ting Ting presented Popularity Award

Liu Kai Chi, Law Kar Ying

Chan Hung Lit

Lee Tim Sing as Street Sweeper Mau

Pierre Ngo Ka Nin

Aimee Chan Yan Mei

Tavia Yeung

Tse Suet Sum, Michael Tse Tin Wa

Sheren Tang

Lai Yiu Cheung, Sheren Tang

Lai Yiu Cheung
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Aimee Chan, Pierre Ngo

Lai Yiu Cheung, Sheren Tang
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The TVB Anniversary Award Show 2009 took place last night. ROSY BUSINESS (GUN GOK HIU HUNG) won six awards, including Best Series, Best Actor/Actress Lai Yiu Cheung and Sheren Tang Shui Man, Best Supporting Actress Tse Suet Sum, Leaping Improvement Male Artist Pierre Ngo Ka Nin and My Favorite Television Male Character Lai Yiu Cheung. Cheung Jai even won the Popularity Award. The series producer Lee Tim Sing also won the Anniversary Performing Art Award. Instead the recent hit series BEYOND THE REALM OF CONSCIENCE (GUNG SUM GAI) only won Tavia Yeung Yi Female Character Award, which was somewhat surprising.

Last night the program opened with a salute to Chan Hung Lit who passed away earlier. Then the nominees appeared to campaign for votes. The first award Popularity award went to Cheung Jai, then he won two more awards including Best Actor and Male Character. Cheung Jai thanked his mentor Lee Tim Sing because over 20 years ago Brother Tim turned him into an actor. 20 some years later Brother Tim also made him Best Actor. Cheung Jai also thanked the media friends for their support and said that after leaving TVB, he depended on Sister Chun to ask him to return home and continue to act. He also did not forget to thank the audience and said that the audience's support was his life's greatest achievement. He also shared all the honor with his mother, wife and son, the three most important people in this lifetime. Cheung Jai later
expressed that at first he only wanted to win one award and did not expect to win three. His wife and son were on hand to support him last year. His wife was even moved to tears. Cheung Jai honestly said that his wife cried easier. He also said that their series was able to win so many awards, that even Brother Tim won an award, the series had a perfect ending. Did he feel the award came late? He said, "No, I walked further because I accumulated even more. I am not in the circle of flash in the pan and making a quick buck. (Do you feel that this time broke the tradition of biological son (contract actor) winning the award?) TVB would look at public opinion. Maybe earlier all the winners happened to be salary artists."

Man Nui as the favorite won "Best Actress". On stage she not only thanked her colleagues and numerous executives, but also TVB for not requiring her to sign a long term contract but still giving her one good show to make every year. She also said that her award was still less than perfect. If she was able to win with Chai Gau then the ending was perfect. Finally her wish came true, even Brother Tim won an award. Man Nui felt the entire matter had come full circle and without any regret. Brother Tim from actor to off screen has worked at TVB for 40 years. When he received the Performing Art Award, he expressed that he was very touched and revealed his principle in life. "It's very simple, be less selfish, be fairer, treat superior and subordinate with more respect. This is my principle in life." Was Brother Tim's award a bonus for 40 years in the business? He said that it filled an empty space in his resume and said that next year's ROSY BUSINESS sequel will bring more pressure. Charmaine Sheh Si Man honestly felt disappointed that REALM only received one award, fortunately Yeung Yi won the award as the representative. She joked that later she would ask Yeung Yi to treat her to dinner. In the future she will work even harder.

Yeung Yi won BEYOND THE REALM OF CONSCIENCE's Yiu Gum Ling won My Favorite Television Female Character. She was crying on stage and said that she did not prepare to say anything. After thanking TVB executives, she immediately Ah Sheh once said that if she won she would kiss her. Ah Sheh heard and immediately went on stage to give Yeung Yi a hug, a kiss and touched her cheek. Award presenter Felix Wong Yat Wa joked that he too wanted to kiss her. Yeung Yi said, "Don't hesitate, come on!" Brother Wa immediately gave her a kiss. Yeung Yi expressed that last year when she won Leaping Improvement Female Actress that she would not be proud and would continue to do her part, which remained true this year. Back stage she continued to cry and said that she never thought that she would be able to win this award because it was her first villain role. The audience accepted her. She also said, "I thought Man Nui won because I chose her. Luckily I won. (How will you celebrate?) Tomorrow I have an early call, I don't have time to celebrate. I will pay for the celebration though. (Do you want to win Best Actress?) Sure! But I hope Man Nui wins." Later she again won Best Performance Award. She was surprised because she did not think that she could win two awards and hoped to be able to go on stage for a three time. She also said that recent years have been difficult but she would work hard to do her best.

Tse Tin Wa and Tse Suet Sum won Best Supporting Actor and Actress respectively. Sister Sum wanted to thank the audience for their support the most. Back stage, she looked for her daughter Karen Ka Wing but could not. Apparently she did not come. She awkwardly said, "Maybe it's a surprise for me. (Did this award come late?) No, I have my heart set on acting. I started performing at age 7, I enjoy my job a lot. Yet this is my first television series award, I am very happy to be able to be in people's homes." In addition, last night Law Kar Ying and Liu Kai Chi presented Best Supporting Actor and Actress Awards. Ka Yin said that he was "promoted" to Supporting Actor husband and had a lot of advantages. When he looked at Liza Wang Ming Chuen who did not smile in the audience, he immediately said, "Smile!" Ah Jeh only patronized him with a few claps. Ka Ying then compared Ah Jeh to Empress Cixi and joked that it was not easy being the person next to Empress Cixi!

Leaping Improvement Female Artist Aimee Chan Yan Mei could not believe that she won, covered her face and started crying. When she got on stage she was so happy that she was crying and jumping at the same time. She thanked Sister Chun and Stephen Chan Chi Wan for taking the risk and giving her the chance to perform in a series because she did not know any Chinese. She also thanked Chan Chi Wan for signing to a long term contract, otherwise she could be better and better. She worked harder so everyone could get off work on time. Back stage, she continued to cry and revealed that two years ago a trusted elder asked her to give up her on screen work and return to Canada because she did not know Chinese, but now she could prove that with hard work she could change reality.

Leaping Improvement Male Artist Pierre Ngo Ka Nin after thanking the executives only remembered to thank his family and girlfriend for their support back stage. He also hoped that his girlfriend would not be mad when he got home because he forgot to thank her on stage. He also said that the award was a "late spring" and an enormous encouragement. As for marriage, he honestly said that it would not be so soon. He also revealed that last night he would celebrate with Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress Wai Ying Hung.

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