Monday, December 7, 2009


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Lin Chiling yesterday attended a TREASURE HUNTER (CHI LING) event in Chengdu with co-star Miao Pu and director Kevin Chu Yen-Ping. The director praised Chiling's writing and she could consider becoming a writer. Chiling came up with many of the film's lines. Chiling honestly said that she liked to write. While others liked to write e-mails, she liked to write with a pen.

As for the crying scene, Chiling expressed that it was all real emotion from within. Before the scene the director had to notify her a few days in advance so she could foster her emotion. Chiling said that on average a crying scene took three days to brew. Once because she suppressed it too long, Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) played the flute once and she was already crying. Yet at the time the director was not ready with the lights and kept her from crying. He also asked Chow Kit Lun not to play the flute.

What was Chiling thinking about when she worked on the crying scene? She said that everyone inevitably had something that they could think about. She would like to be able to play different characters the most to show everyone different sides of her. Right now she would like to play a character who is very sweet looking but actually is very evil inside. Earlier when Chiling was in Shanghai and saw the film in the cinema, she waited until the cinema dimmed the lights before going in. Later when the host told the audience was among them, Chiling emerged from her seat. A male viewer who was sitting next to Chiling yelled, "Why didn't I notice!"

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