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In order to thank Donnie Yen Chi Tan for helping out as a guest action director before the BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING) wrapped. The team not only gave his special thanks on the end credit, yesterday producer Peter Chan Ho Sun even set up a "ring" in Shanghai to present him with the title "Yen Kung Fu". He also gave them the film of the fight scene that he shot. The production at the press conference announced that a 10 minute fight scene of Yen Chi Tan that resembled a parkour mad dash through the street in the film was full of imagination.

Yen Chi Tan said, "I would never repeat myself. While making this fight scene, I thought of the very popular sport of parkour. Although before in James Bond it also appeared, I feel it wasn't good enough." After 8 days of battle, Yen Chi Tan and world class boxer Li Kang performed what Chan Ho Sun called a "dream fight scene". Chi Tan once worked for 25 hours without stopping and set the longest continuous work period on the BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS set. He joked, "It's like fighting a bull!"

The film production was postponed for a long time. Chan Ho Sun after several invitation finally invited Yen Chi Tan who has not been an action director for two years to direct the "parkour" fight scene. Yen Chi Tan without any hesitation asked his manager to adjust his schedule, took off from the U.S. and called 17 stunt professionals who he has worked with for over ten years to arrive in Shanghai the next day without taking a cent. However, in a rooftop chase scene, he aggravated an old injury. His personal massage therapist dared not take a step away to treat his injury. As for the rumors that he was the highest paid actor with 12 million RMB, Yen Chi Tan joked, "Sometimes it's more than this, sometimes it's less than this."

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