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Director Kevin Chu Yen Ping earlier led TREASURE HUNTER (CHI LING) actors Lin Chiling, Chen Daoming, Miao Pu and Baron Chen Chor Hor to the film's global premiere, but male lead Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) was in the U.S. and could not attend. He could only through video conference express his feeling as he had nothing but praise for Lin Chiling's performance. Lin Chiling performed the theme song TAKE ME FLYING (DAI NGOR FEI), which she personally wrote the lyrics while Chow Kit Lun wrote the music. Miao Pu and Warner new comer Jeremy Liu (Lau Chi Chin) also performed at the premiere.

Comedy expert director Chu Yen Ping changed his usual style and expanded his range with a Western desert adventure action film, which to him was a challenge. The film cast had idols Chow Kit Lun and Lin Chiling and middle age substance school Chen Daoming and Eric Tsang Chi Wai, which he felt was the brightest spot of the film. People at first were concerned that Lin Chiling and Chow Kit Lun would not make a good pair, while others claimed that their acting was stiff. Yet after the shoot, Chu Yen Ping's concern was all vanished because they set off spark and had a lot of chemistry. As a couple they had feeling and adventure, both of which were very exciting.

Although Chen Daoming was not the first lead, as the archaeological genius he connected the entire story from the beginning to the end. He was quite an important key figure. The film was shot in the desert, which he suffered a lot for. Yet he felt that all the suffering was worth the rare intimate contact with the Western desert.

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