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Juno Mak Chun Lung and Japanese adult video actress Sora Aoi worked on a romantic scene. Playing a couple in the film they were just as together off screen. When they were not shooting they were often chatting and laughing in a corner. Juno even taught Sora Aoi the "eye gouge block" and made her crack up.

Juno and Sora Aoi earlier in Fun Lan worked on the Josie Ho Chiu Yi invested new film PAU SHOOK JEH (THE DISSECTER). Playing a couple in hard times, they often chatted nonstop off screen.

Juno with simple English and "mispronounced" Japanese, nonsense jokes to chat with Sora Aoi and she was all smiles. Juno also taught Sora Aoi how to block the eye poke. She listened attentively like an "elementary school student".

Investors and producers Ho Chiu Yi and Conroy Chan Chi Chung brought two big bags of snacks. Juno picked out low calorie ones for Sora Aoi attentively and she thoroughly enjoyed them.

Sora Aoi has a great figure but remained conservative while working in Hong Kong. Juno and Sora Aoi also exchanged praises. Juno said that Sora Aoi was kind and had knack for languages. Her Cantonese lines in the film were all learned on the set. Sora Aoi said that when she first saw Juno she thought that he would be very "mean" and very serious. After becoming familiar she realized that he was very nice. Ho Chiu Yi and Chan Chi Chung also pointed out that they had a lot of chemistry. The original story of the film came from Juno. Chiu Yi and Chi Chung praised Juno as a very creative person. Chi Chung said, "Our film company 852 would like to make more creative films, so we asked Juno to continue to create. We have a lot of chances to work together."

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