Thursday, December 24, 2009


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Niu Chen-Zer in order to promote MONGA, his Taiwan film about the mob, two nights ago led the cast Ethan Ruan (Yuen King Tin), Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) and Rhydian Vaughan (Fung Siu Ngok) to the VARIETY SHOW OF MR. CON & MS. CSI. Host Little S was not afraid of the guys and even asked them to act like thugs.

Little S took advantage of Chiu Yau Ting's personality, flirted with him and asked him to teach her how to be bad. Chiu Yau Ting said that the key of being a thug was the "attitude". Little S immediately began to flirt and even used him like a pole as she started dancing. The masculine Yuen King Tin was a hot tempered guy in real life. he said that once he saw a car that he liked stopped on the road. After a few glances, the driver suddenly rolled down the window and flipped him off. He returned the favor. The driver turned the car around, got out and came after him. He naturally struck back. However he expressed that if his girlfriend was next to him, he definitely would protect her first and ignore them.

Little S also asked Chiu Yau Ting and Yuen King Tin to air their kiss scene in the trailer in its entirety. Niu Chen-Zer fanned the flame and encouraged them to give it a try to promote the film. They could only close their eyes and kiss with admirable professionalism. The host later asked them to demonstrate the film's action scene as Chiu Yau Ting kicked Yuen King Tin realistically.

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