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Costume comedy ALL'S WELL ENDS WELLS TOO 2010 (FA TIN HEI SI 2010) will opened on February 11 2010 in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia simultaneously. Louis Koo Tin Lok in the film would have a breakthrough performance as a childish Fa Tin king Chong Hoi. In the story Goo Jai was obsessed with martial arts. His lifelong dream was to learn the world's mightiest martial art. In a hurry to become a grandmother Queen Mother (Lee Heung Kam) and the overlooked queen Crystal Tin Yui Nei had no idea what to do.

In one scene Goo Jai in order to prove his martial art prowess set up a ring for friendly matches. He even boasted that he wanted to fight one against ten. For this action scene, Goo Jai spent several days to study Wing Chun with an instructor. He expressed that when he received the screenplay, he discovered that two scenes required Wing Chun. In one scene he had to play sticky hand with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and lose to her. He asked Kwan Yu to put an effort into her training. However actually he had an one against ten scene. Director Raymond Wong Pak Ming even asked him to fight like IP MAN's Donnie Yen Chi Tan. Finally he and Kwan Yu both studied Wing Chun with an instructor.

For this scene, Goo Jai spent a lot of time and effort on studying Chi Tan's performance. He never thought that a Lunar New Year film would have so many action scenes, not to mention Yen Chi Tan style action. The film seemed to have become an action comedy. Goo Jai joked that he had to talk to the boss about the salary again. He pointed out that the kung fu scenes actually were not the hardest, but imitating Chi Tan's rhythm, pace and look during the fight was. Luckily this time was an exaggerated version, action and expression could be exaggerated by multiples. However the series of punches was rather painful as his bare hands hurt from hitting someone else's chest.

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