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Lin Chiling in TREASURE HUNTER (CHI LING) not only tries to swtich to action but also got in over her head. In the film she suddenly turned "vicious" and almost caught co-star Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) off guard.

Lin Chiling in one scene was possessed. She completely tossed her usual girly image aside to become a mad woman. Even co-star Chow Kit Lun said, "During the scene, Chiling seems like a complete stranger to me. She completely turns into another person, she truly scared me. She is very crazy! I suddenly had a chill in my heart."

Chow Kit Lun even revealed that Chiling before the scene quietly sat alone. Her face showed a flash of murderous intent. When she got into her mark, Chiling gave her "possessed" performance and viciously chased Chow Kit Lun. This time Chiling did not act with her pretty face and her most vicious and ferocious expressions naturally flowed. Even Chow Kit Lun ducked for coverage. Chiling also said that this breakthrough "transformation" truly took a lot of work. Everyday she spent the morning on training. Luckily Chiling had a dance background so it was not too much. Yet the possession scene truly exhausted Chiling.

"This scene truly was an exhausting performance. The fight is ferocious and the performance is mad. During the shoot, several times I almost injured myself and Kit Lun. Luckily Kit Lun was agile enough to dodge. The crew also worried that I was too into it, accidentally injured my face and affect other jobs. Thus everyone on the set paid extra attention to our fight. After this scene, everyone was exhausted. I truly admire veteran (Michelle Yeoh) Yeung Chi King. Talking about being an action actress is easy, she truly is great."

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