Sunday, December 20, 2009


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The Mainland New Year film originator Feng Xiaogang this year did not have any New Year film in the fray. Reportedly he has been busy with the AFTERSHOCK post production, but earlier the media caught Feng Xiaogang with Huang Xiaoming in Harbin and speculated about a secret new production. Reporters claimed that they discovered among several giant ice sculptures a creator who resembled the famous director. Though he was wearing heavy clothing, ear muffs and sunglasses, several cameras and the lighting technicians raised suspicions. Soon Huang Xiaoming joined in. The security was so strict that reporters had to delete their photos on the spot.

Feng Xiaoming said, "I have been to Harbin several times. I really like the icy and snowy scenery here. I would like a chance to shoot on location in Harbin, but the weather is incredibly cold. I have to come up with a way."

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