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Michael Wong Man Tak

Vivian Wu

Hisao Kurosawa
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The commemorative world tour to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Akira Kurosawa's birth stopped two nights ago in Hong Kong. Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun Wa, Akira Kurosawa's son Hisao Kurosawa, Media Asia chief Peter Lam Kin Ngok, actors Vivian Wu Kwan Mui and Michael Wong Man Tak were the unveiling guests. The exhibit will be on display for a month in Tai Koo Place with 250 items, including the clogs that he wore, his drawings, color pens and wax figure. He did this exhibit for his father as well as other directors. His father attracted many with his work. He also said, "Actually Japan doesn't just have one outstanding director in my father, it still has many more." Hisao joked that when he arrived he saw no one was in formal wear and that he had to take a taxi back to change.

Wu Kwan Mui in 1990 became an Oscar voter. That year Akira Kurosawa received his lifetime achievement award, which she was very happy about because he represented Asians. He said, "I once worked with a costume director who worked with Akira Kurosawa for years and was deeply influenced by his colorful films. At the time this co-worker shared with me often. Akira Kurosawa's contribution to Asian film is enormous." Wu Kwan Mui expressed that lately she received some scripts and she would like to work with Hong Kong directors Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting and Peter Chan Ho Sun. She said, "Earlier in THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC I worked with Chan Ho Sun. I really admire this director. I will see BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS. I hope its box office will be good, but not exceed FOUNDING."

Wong Man Tak expressed that he knew about Akira Kurosawa and remembered back then he had a lot of stress from work. He admired Akira Kurosawa's film THE SEVEN SAMURAI the most. How did Wong Man Tak relieve the stress? He said, "I would exercise, take walks with my wife and fly a helicopter." Wong Man Tak revealed that he was looking for a fashion school for his daughter. He said that he planned to look up the school that Kelly Chen Wai Lam went to in New York. Because his wife missed their daughter, she planned to spend the first year there with her.

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