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Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Stephen Fung Tak Lun are good friends. Recently in JUMP (TIU CHOOK HUI) they worked together again. This time Ng Yin Cho guest starred as a "ninth rate" cosmetic surgeon who not only solicited clients but also performed surgery on himself. With his after surgery handsome look he convinced Kitty Zhang Yuqi and Yao Wenxue to be his clients. Yet due to the flu he sneezed too hard and all his facial features fell off. With Tin Kai Man's voice the scene was hilarious.

Although it was only an one day performance, Ng Yin Cho did not slack off at all as he put his full effort into performance and showed his comedic talent. He not only made the crew roar with laughter but also Zhang Yuqi who had several bad times. Ng Yin Cho hoped that film companies after seeing his first comedic performance would consider him for comedy roles. After STEPHEN'S DIARY director Fung Tak Lun again called in favors. He said, "I hoped to drastic difference between before and after the surgery and strength the comedy. Thus before the surgery I used Frog (Tin Kai Man)'s face. After the surgery it had to be shocking. Ng Yin Cho was not only able to expressed that shocking difference but also brought a sense of humor. He truly was suitable for this role. He also performed very well. His grasp of the pace was top notch!" He even expressed appreciation for his buddy's help. He could not afford his salary and was only able to give him a laisee and a private dinner.

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