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The Karena Lam Ka Yun, Guo Tao, Liu Ye starred Filmko film DON QUIXOTE just wrapped earlier. Filmko invested 75 million RMB on this film, which is also Asia's first film to be entirely shot in 3D.

After over 3 months of production, director Agan expressed that this production was the most exhausting in his 15 year career. Many snow storms hindered the progress. Lam Ka Yun who was in her first costume role was shivering from the cold. Because the costume was very flimsy, she could not wear more clothing or even heating pads. She could only wear down jackets when she was not in the shoot. Due to the 3D shoot, the cinematographer spent more than on camera positions than on a 2D movie. Often she had to wait silently on the set. However, Ka Yun stated that it was worth all the hardship because this costume shoot felt very fresh. In the film she had many different costumes and she was very honored to be a part of China's first 100 minute 3D film. Now DON has begun its eight month long post production in the U.K. and North America
and has been slated for a summer release.

Filmko's US$30 million production MONKEY KING already has a first draft for its screenplay. This time will have a lot of more innovation from the original story as humans, gods and demons will appear in the film. The Monkey King's personality will also have a lot of change. The New Zealand company that was responsible for THE LORD OF THE RINGS series special effect production already arrived in the Mainland earlier. AVATAR's 3D technology team also provided assistance so MONKEY KING's 3D technology will reach international quality.

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