Thursday, December 31, 2009


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Big S Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) yesterday came to Hong Kong to attend a Hong Kong Madame Tussaud's press conference. At the wax museum her new film FUTURE X-COPS (MEI LOI GAING CHAT)'s costume was made into a wax figure, the first artist wax figure in 2010 in the museum. She said during costume fitting she asked for her looks and figure to be more perfect but she was rejected.

Yesterday at the press conference she performed a hand print ceremony. The event also displayed her kiss scene with male lead Andy Lau Tak Wa in FUTURE X-COPS. She revealed that earlier for the wax figure mold she spent two hours standing and maintaining her smile. She said, "Although it was a little tiring, I thought it was worth it when at 80 I would be able to enjoy it with my children. It would be more realistic than the photo." Her wax figure's first draft would be completed in February. She saw it and thought it resembled her a lot. She also revealed that during the production she asked her face to be thinner, her figure to be better and her legs longer, but the museum personnel declined as it had to be made 100% according to her look.

Big S also said that she will be promoting FUTURE X-COPS in Hong Kong on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Last year she also spent New Year's Eve in Hong Kong as she made FUTURE X-COPS with Lau Tak Wa. She felt that she was destined to be with Wa Jai. Would she like another half to count down with her? She said, "Every holiday I want to have a boyfriend to keep me company, but I can't force such matter." She believed that destiny had its arrangements, like her sister and brother in law were destined to be together.

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