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TREASURE HUNTER (CHI LING) will open on December 31. Lin Chiling wrote the lyrics and performed the film theme song, with music by Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun). Chow Kit Lun said, "The feeling is very fresh, I rarely write songs for girls. For previous movies I sang, this time I wanted something that no one would expect and let more people hear her voice instead of just watching her act." Chiling was often criticized for her "chick voice". Chairman Chou said, "Guys like to hear this type of voices very much. It has very gentle feeling. Actually from the beginning she had no confidence in her singing. I encouraged her. The audience would like all of her. Her voice is very highly identifiable. You know it's her as soon as you hear it. The mature flavor matches the melody well."

Reporters discovered Lin Chiling was wearing flat shoes. Was she under Chairman Chou's order? At first Chiling denied that, saying, "No, I like to wear them." Chairman Chou said, "No need to explain, it's all right! I asked her to. When the guy is a little taller the picture would look better. Earlier the media said I was shorter, I have to clarify that we are both 1.74 meter tall. (Would you prohibit your girlfriend from wearing high heels?) In such a grand occasion, I feel like a chauvinist. I hope that she wouldn't wear too high. You should ask (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai this question, look how he normally is with (Carina) Lau Ka Ling. I am rarely with pretty girls. Normally I walk alone."

In addition, Lin Chiling reportedly due to her age was called "old model" and her top model position already went to Sonia Sui Tang. Chairman Chou immediately came to her defense. "She is irreplaceable. She is still in first among many guys' hearts. Like Lam Ching Ha (Brigitte Lin) and (Maggie) Cheung Man Yuk, everyone's impression remains at that time. Like Bruce Lee's spirit, it is always in the heart. The Lord makes
everyone different."

Chiling appreciated what Chairman Chou said, "Thank you, in the film his character also has to protect me." Chiling stated that she was not upset about the reports and expressed that when she did her part and her job that was enough. In addition, Chairman Chou also had many action scenes in the film. Did he get hurt? He said, "It's fine, I still can't really raise my arms. I think I pulled it. It's acting up somewhat. I will be fine after resting awhile." Chiling also had a lot of action scenes. "It's worth all the hard work. (Were you hurt?) My injury isn't much compared to Chairman Chou's. (Will you resist action films?) No, I look forward to them even more, but I first have to train my body and strength."

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