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Sammo Hung Kam Bo earlier appeared on a Cable Entertainment News interview. When asked about working with Bruce Lee, Sammo said that back then Bruce Lee went to the studio to visit Seven Little Fortunes. Bruce Lee walked in front of him and asked him whether he wanted to challenge him. Then he kicked Hung Kam Bo. Sammo joked, "I didn't even move and I already lost!"

Hung Kam Bo also talked about Seven Little Fortunes. As the eldest disciple he said that the job was not easy. Every time when the junior disciples made a mistake he took the beating with them. Once he got Yuen Wah into trouble though. Once because he could not tolerate how tough a film production was and escaped, he hid outside for three days and nights while Yuen Wah set food to him. Later their mentor found out. He was not punished but Yuen Wah took over 100 lashes for "keeping the secret". They broke several canes during the punishment.

Did he mind any comparison between him and Jackie Chan? Sammo said, "Different strokes for different folks!" He felt that he had a worse temper and not made for directing. In addition a director had too much to worry about. He now rather enjoyed his semi-retired life. If he had a script that he liked he could take it for his acting bug. When he had time he would play golf. Right now he would like to have a grand child the most. Hung Kam Bo and his wife Joyce Godenzi (Go Lai Hung) have been very loving for years. Hung Kam Bo felt that the key of the marriage was "definitely have some thing to talk about". He expressed that now he
and his wife would look for stuff to talk about everyday.

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