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Angelababy (Yeung Wing) with her looks became the goddess in the hearts of men, but in her new film she became a "village lady baby". She wore a rag on her head and apron to wash clothes on the floor, an 180 degrees from her past image.

Baby in the film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL TOO 2010 (FA TIN HEI SI 2010) was cast to play a princess. Actually in the film due to amnesia she began a civilian village girl. She even stuttered severely, which was very different from her ordinarily.

In one scene Baby was washing clothes in the backyard. "Village Lady Baby" took a stick and kept beating on clothes on the rocks. Not used to doing chores, she had an obviously hard time with the stick. After a few bad takes she even looked tired. The director and one of her co-stars Raymond Wong Pak Ming discovered that her hands already had blisters and asked Baby to rest. She insisted on continuing. Wong Pak Ming said, "Just beat it like the person you hate the most." Baby immediately viciously hit with all her might, stunning the crew. After the shoot the entire set applauded.

Baby said that the temperature was zero degree Celsius. The costume was flimsy and she was shivering with chills. She who never washed her clothes like this even felt the stick was very heavy. "I kept hitting hard, because I was hitting too hard and it was too cold my hands were bruised. (Who did you think of to hit?) People who picked on me. (And the stuttering?) It's not hard. Because the lines are very long, the stuttering can give me time to think." She thanked Wong Pak Ming's understanding for the break, but she did not want to hinder the progress and insisted on keeping on. Baby also praised Wong Pak Ming's comedy talent. In scenes with him she often held her laughter in. "Next time when I have a chance to work with him again. I not only have to elevate my acting but also have to learn to hold my laughter."

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