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New Taiwan Golden Horse Best Actor, Mainland actor Huang Bo during Christmas performed the play CRAZY CRAZY with fellow Golden Horse Best Actor Liu Ye in Xian. The stage these pair of old partners kept creating comedy and even showed off hypnosis dance, as they were fully "crazy".

CRAZY CRAZY's story is from the Mainland director Ning Hao's hit film CRAZY STONE and CRAZY RACER. The Huang Bo played racer Geng Hao who on a television program revealed a stimulant scandal and thus suffered from insomnia. His 18 year old student fan Liu Xiaodu (Liu Ye) after drinking a beverage prize aged prematurely. A female lawyer who returned from the U.S. claimed that she could help Liu Xiaodu with a meeting with Geng Hao and avenge himself. Unexpectedly they were swept into a series of absurd misunderstandings and traps.

This play after performances in Beijing and Shanghai has already passed 1 million at its first round box office. Reviews claimed that it was one of the only play with such a "strange encounter". Gaining popularity along with the CRAZY film series, Huang Bo has played small characters all along, but with his excellent performance that is full of grass root color in COW he shared the Golden Horse Best Actor honor with Nick Cheung Ka Fai. Did he feel that the "double yolk egg" was lighter? Huang Bo stated that this award was more important than others because it was the first time that happened in the Golden Horse history. He personally appreciated Cheung Ka Fai's performance very much.

Singing for money late in high school, he was well honed in dance and entered the film and television industry with bit roles. Huang Bo now joked that he only won the Golden Horse Best Actor with "countless misunderstandings". Huang Bo also stated that from now on he will never hide in the bit role framework and try different styles.

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