Saturday, December 5, 2009


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Wai Ying Hung two nights ago attended the TVB award show then rushed to attend THE END OF DAYBREAK (SUM MOR) appreciation event. Siu Hung with END won this year's Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress. This film thus will be released again at the cinemas. Siu Hung had a lot of fans waiting outside in support. Her good friend Petrina Fung Bo Bo and her son also came. After watching the film, Fung Bo Bo waited for Siu Hung to arrive and personally congratulated her with a kiss. Siu Hung was very touched. Fung Bo Bo felt that she deserved a Best Actress nomination, Siu Fung said, "Like (Maggie) Cheung Man Yuk said, the award is already great no matter the position."

Siu Hung excitedly expressed that this month has been like a dream. She said, "In my 30 year career I never had so many good things happened in one month, like the series ROSY BUSINESS (GUN GOK HIU HUNG) won all the major awards. Although I didn't win, I am just as happy." Siu Hung expressed that she received many nominations in the past 30 years but this Best Supporting Actress made her happier than the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress, since at the time she was still younger. Did Siu Hung celebrate with friends? She said, "I only dined with Chung Wai Bing and (Meg) Lam Kin Ming. Because I was too busy I really didn't have time. Later I have to work on GONG FU WING CHUN in the Mainland, which will take several months before I return to Hong Kong." Siu Hung expressed that END will participate in the Dubai International Film Festival, but because she will be busy with her series she will not be able to go with the team.

Tsui Tin Yau in END played Siu Hung's son, he said two nights ago he finally officially congratulated "Mommy". As for Siu Hung not being nominated for Best Actress, Tin Yau felt that an award required the coordination of timing, location and people. Best Supporting Actress was decent as well. Tin Yau revealed that he is writing a screenplay about violence. Siu Hung immediately volunteered after hearing. Tin Yau expressed that currently he is seeking investors and he will cast later.

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