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Scheduled to take place on March 22 at the Hong Kong Convention Center, the 4th Annual Asia Film Award will present its Asia Film Outstanding Contribution Award to international director Zhang Yimou. All of Director Zhang's work has had certain artistic quality, as represented in RED SORGHUM, RAISE THE RED LANTERN, NOT ONE LESS, HERO and his latest film A SIMPLE NOODLE STORY. The 2008 Beijing Olympics' elegant opening ceremony put his artistic abilities thoroughly on display on an international stage.

Hong Kong International Film Festival Society executive director Shaw Soo Wei expressed that on the international stage, the Asian film industry is maturing day by day and plays a pivotal role. The Society is very pleased that Director Zhang as one of the China film scene representatives accepts this award and hopes that it would be able to encourage even more China film scene talent to have even greater breakthrough and contribution in the international film development. China films scene from the silent era to new China film development has never lacked talent, but in its world stage recognition and role, Director Zhang deserves much of the credit. He with his delicate ways describes the Chinese people's culture and the era's changes. His recent films also show variety and innovation. He is a film professional who continuously seek change.

Director Zhang felt very honored to receive this award. He said, "As film professionals, we believe in and are loyal to art. Art not only reflects the world, but we also hope to change the world through art." He thanked the event for recognizing him and hoped to continue to promote Asian films.

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