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It is very hard to imagine that the petite Sister Nui once fought with a thief; in order to perform for the audience, Sister Nui turned down a dinner invitation from Mao Zedong; for a show Sister Nui asked to experience life in a military unit. She even learned to use a gun and achieved the good score of nine in a row; at her most golden moment she was forced to leave the stage for 13 years. After suffering difficulties and postponing her age, Sister Nui only wanted to make up for lost time......

In the age of 84 famous Cantonese Opera performing artist Hung Sin Nui personally led a production team all over Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macau and other locations for the first time as producer, art director and star for the large scale artistic documentary film for her 70th anniversary in the business. The premiere was held today in Guangzhou.

As a national treasure level Cantonese opera performance master, Hung Sin Nui differed from other opera actors. She starred in over 90 films, participated in plays, uniquely made Cantonese Opera animation film......she progressed with the time, even at the age of 84 she still flew her own colors: with the documentary she injected a new carrier for Cantonese development and strength. This large scale artistic documentary film recalls and discusses Sister Nui's life experience and artistic career over 70 years. In many valuable historic shots and stage performance footage, it tells Hung Sin Nui on and off stage stories that few knows about.

The film even exclusively interviewed famous performing artists like Liza Wang Ming Chuen, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Law Kar Ying, and Joey Yung Cho Yi, friends and family like Hong Hong and Ma Ting Sing and Sister Nui's disciples for Hung Sin Nui in their eyes. The director Deng Yuan expressed that the most difficult part of this production was scheduling celebrities' time. Luckily those interviewed respected Sister Nui very much and tried to coordinate with the team. For the production Sister Nui went location in Hong Kong. Sister Nui said that she again satisfied the life that she longed for and satisfied the enjoyment of her artistic pursuit. Sister Nui stressed that working was fortune. As long as her voice was still able to she would continue to use her voice to serve the people. She also encouraged young people to experience life more to be able to perform characters even better.

The film will not only be shown in Guangzhou but also other cities in Guangdong. Currently through a variety of channels and communications it is trying to secure a release in Hong Kong as soon as possible.

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